A site dedicated to Hongwell 1/72 Emergency Vehicles

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Hongwell do not produce a list of models that they make, their catalogue provides a guide, however it is impossible to know how many other models exist which we do not yet know about.  If you do find any models that are not featured on this website, I would be grateful if you would share the information via the 'Contact Page'.

Welcome to HongwellCollector.com. On this site you will find a photographic record of the various 1/72 scale emergency vehicles which have been made by Hongwell.  The information on this website has been accumulated from my friends across the world, and I hope provides a comprehensive list.


My thanks go to my friends who have allowed me to use their photographs: Domenico Raffa, Milan Kabrt, Kensaku Suzuki, Martin Schmid and John Nijhuis.

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